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zulily-coo-art-ghcu9het-1zulily-coo-kr-01-jpg Proud to work for a successful company that is bringing so many jobs to my city. Go Zulily! (


19 Struggles of People Who Scare Easily. This is me. (

des2Love this list of 10 Things To Buy For Fall. I want it all! (


Uh, yum! Maple Walnut Granola Parfaits will be my new daily breakfast. (


Finally boot season! This is a nice guide for Fall boots on any budget. (



Best Emmy Looks



Up until the last year or so I wasn’t  much of an award show fanatic. For the past few big shows, starting with the Academy Awards, I have really enjoyed getting into it! Like most ladies, the red carpet show is definitely the highlight of the night for me. The colors of the night were simple white and gorgeous shades of red. I loved so many looks for different reasons but there are a few that I keep going back to. I want to share a few of my favorites and see what you thought. Agree or disagree?

rs_634x1024-140825145245-634.Sarah-Hyland-Emmy-Awards.jl.082514Best Overall Look: Sarah Hyland
Love the gown, makeup & hair Sparkle: Hayden Panettiere
With or without the adorable baby bump this look was perfect! Couples Look: Matthew McConaughey & Camilla Alves
(Okay, mostly Camilla!)

rs_634x1024-140825150952-634.Heidi-Klum-Emmy-Awards.jl.082514Best Color Gown: Heidi Klum Silhouette: Sophia Vergara


Best Print: Julie Bowen


Most Unique: Michelle Dockery

A few honorable mentions for some of my favorite Hollywood ladies:

Taylor Schilling Natasha Lyonne


Claire Danes



Photos from

Links I Love


dog1) I know you have all seen this by now but I had to share just in case! Literally the saddest but sweetest thing you will ever read. You WILL cry, sob, bawl and snot uncontrollably. Click here to see the Story of Duke and his last day on earth. (


2) Definitely will be using these 20 photography tips and tricks from A Beautiful Mess. You all know I need them! (


3) If there is anything beauty related that I need help with it’s definitely styling my hair! Loving these easy styling tips using metal accessories. Even I can figure these out. (


4) This Couple Took an Amazing Newborn Photoshoot…with their Dog. Did these people go too far? Absolutely but I’m still totally obsessed. (


5) Try this…Peach Tarragon Shortcake dessert. Looks Yummy.




Hey Stranger



Did you miss me? I missed you! It’s so sad for me to see that my last post when my SPRING to do list and now it’s nearing the end of summer! I have had a lot going on the past few months (all good things!) and being overwhelmed just got the best of me. I have thought about blogging every week since my last post but just couldn’t find the motivation until now. If all goes as planned I should be back at it much more frequently!

Here are just a few short updates on the past few months of my life…

Happy to announce that I am one of the newest Health & Beauty buyers for zulily.comI have worked for zulily in the Columbus office for 2 years and was recently promoted to buying cosmetics and beauty accessories and loving every minute of it!



We took a great vacation to Clearwater Beach, FL in June with my husbands family. Although it was 2 months ago I’m still planning on showing our vaca pics soon. Too much fun not to share!




We have a ton of home improvement plans in the works for the next few months. And by “in the works” I mean they need to happen but probably won’t.:) Anyway, one project we did complete this summer was jazzing up our deck. We love to spend time outside but because we live in a subdivision we don’t have much of a natural view. We needed a pretty place to spend our evenings outdoors and this is what we came up with. Below is the before and after:

Before: (Don’t judge this was before we moved in!)


After: Check it out.. much Better, right?!

photo (13)photo (14)


Just last week I got a new baby sister! She’s a dog, but still. My mom adopted this sweet pup that she named Macy. I’m totally obsessed with her and I may just kidnap her one day. Such a sweetheart!

photo (15)Well, that’s enough excitement for one post! Hope you got a little look into what has been going on with me. Hope you are all having a fantastic summer too!




**Find the “Well Hello There” Rug HERE @ West Elm


Spring To-Do List



There could not be a more beautiful day for the first day of April! I haven’t been feeling that well but this warm weather has lifted my spirits and inspired me to make a few fun goals for the next few months. I made a Fall To-Do list back in September and I managed to follow through with only a few of my goals. My Spring plans will be much easier to achieve because it is the best time of the year and obviously my favorite. Here is my To-Do list for this season:


Feel free to share your Spring to-do list!



Links I Love



1) It’s not to late too pull off a fantastic April Fools prank. See ideas here. (


2) Love the idea of these fruit and vegetable dyed Easter eggs. (


3) Now that it is finally warming up I’ve been looking for some healthy cold treats like this. See this recipe here. (


4) Enter to win one of 5 amazing prizes from ShopBop in their Spring Accessories Sweepstakes. (


5) With Spring Fashion, It’s All About Wearing Your Slogan on Your Sleeve. (



Spring 2014 Nail Polish Guide



In honor of the 2nd day of Spring I’m sharing my favorite nail polish colors of the season. Keeping the top Pantone colors in mind, I dug out some of the cheery shades that I’ve been anxiously waiting to wear. I am strangely picky about nail polish colors for certain seasons. Although I  have  my year round favorites, you won’t catch me in a bright blue or hot pink in the Winter months nor will you catch me wearing an oxblood red in the warm weather. This is not a fashion rule… it’s just my rule. My mood determines what I wear so a warm summer day does not welcome a dark shade of polish. While we are on the subject, I also don’t wear polish with any shimmer… I like to keep it solid and simple.









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